I've been called a Swiss Army Marketer. Sharing a few non-confidential work examples to get us talking...

Fair Feathers: Responsive Website Design

What could I do to interest women to shop for (more) socially responsible fashion? This case study demonstrates my strategy & user experience design abilities for e-commerce websites.  

+ Design Journey


How can I create an app that makes happy hour appealing to everyone? This case study highlights my strategic thinking and user experience design process for mobile app development.

+ Design Journey


An ad agency asked me to pitch them a multi-channel digital experience for a fast food client. They needed a way for consumers to create, find and share their vast # of drink options. This presentation includes user insights, the journey, wireframes and digital promotion blueprint.  

+ Presentation

Analytics Products


AT&T: DIGITAL leadership PRojects   

As the strategy lead on AT&T at Organic in 2015, I worked on a series of digital leadership projects that changed the way we worked with agency partners and shared our learning with the client.

I started by designing a presentation to use in lieu of a year-end review. The presentation was focused on observations and recommendations; the data was in the backdrop providing support. I piloted this format with the mobility business, and other business units followed suit. AT&T clients appreciated the proactive approach, and agency teams felt supported.

Next, I piloted an integrated measurement plan for a sponsorship campaign, as well as an integrated campaign reporting process for the Plenti launch.  I worked closely with BBDO, Annalect and MEC on these projects. The team was excited to see everything come together, because it improved their decision making.

UNDERTONE: analytics suite  

In 2009, I began designing white label digital measurement solutions for Undertone. I used our robust ad server data to create engagement and conversion benchmarks. I partnered with third parties such as comScore to develop white label research products. Finally, I named the product suite Undertone Qualified Insights (UQI) and led all rollout activities. 

Many clients used Undertone Qualified Insights to optimize campaigns, gain competitive intelligence and attribute off-site sales. In addition, the ad server benchmarks were shared as digital media thought leadership.  

Undertone Qualified Insights helped secure several million dollars in business and won a DMA Innovation Award in Digital Media (2010). Undertone maintained UQI branding until 2015.

undertone: audience targeting segments  

Digital audience targeting was in it's infancy in 2009. As the head of the sales planning & analytics department, my days were centered around answering RFPs and reporting campaign results.  While Undertone offered a few select audiences, there was a clear gap.

I led the charge to come up with definitions for content & data targeting products, using impression and cookie data from comScore and BlueKai. I also named the segments and rolled them out to the salesforce. Only the most robust and sellable segments made it to the final sales sheets.

360 Communications

remicade: integrated HEALTHCARE CAMPAIGN

Remicade infusion therapy was considered the gold standard for Crohn’s & Colitis. But, in 2010 the brand was rapidly losing share and as biologic injections like Humira and Cimzia became available. Remicade needed to stay in the consideration set for doctors and patients alike.                                 

I worked on all aspects of strategy for the “Let’s Make it Last” integrated consumer campaign. This included research to secure a more competitive claim (6x a year).  I also developed a recommendation for a patient program. 


In 2011, PediaSure was experiencing very low trial and repurchase rates. Moms didn't know the difference between PediaSure (for weight gain) and SideKicks (for picky eaters), and they didn't have a realistic understanding of product efficacy. 

I developed strategic & content guidelines for the new website and loyalty program redesign. My first step was to address barriers across all touch points. I also recommended recontacting moms who previously used Similac Neonatal for premature babies, to help build a stronger database. Finally, my loyalty program redesign included new content ideas for moms of picky eaters.