This case study demonstrates my strategy & user experience design abilities for e-commerce websites.  The client is a startup, reselling socially responsible fashion. Everything I'm sharing was developed by me. However, Fair Feathers is a pseudonym for the actual product.

problem statement

What could I do to interest women to shop for (more) socially responsible fashion?


My first milestone was to gain investor buy-in based on a 60-80% complete prototype in InVision.  In terms of the roadmap structure, I have found that release themes keep teams focused on content and features. 

Minal Kamlani Product Development Roadmap.png

sample experience

This scenario is about trying the virtual stylist service. My prototype accounts for 60% of the content and design to be developed. (Note: Click on GIF below if viewing on mobile or tablet.)

Minal Kamlani Sample User Experience Responsive Web Design.gif