Gotham, Featured, Gothamite, #409 Let Them Eat Pie, Director N. Hope

Madam Secretary, Featured, Diplomat, #401 News Cycle, Director M. Freeman

Madam Secretary, Featured, Explosion Victim, #405 Persona Non Grata, Director J. Murray

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Featured, Theater Patron, #107, Put That on Your Plate!, Director A. Sherman-Palladino 

Orange Is the New Black, Featured, Inmate, Season 6, Director A. McCarthy



Whitman’s Words, Principal, Poet, Director R. Duffy, The Roebuck Theater, 2016



Magnet Theater, Musical Improv Program, 2018

The Peoples Improv Theater, Levels 1-3, 2016

T. Schreiber, Commercial Acting, 2016

J. Howard Swain, On Camera Scene Study, 2016


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