Gotham, Featured, Gothamite, #409 Let Them Eat Pie, Director N. Hope

Madam Secretary, Featured, Diplomat, #401 News Cycle, Director M. Freeman

Madam Secretary, Featured, Explosion Victim, #405 Persona Non Grata, Director J. Murray

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Featured, Theater Patron, #107, Put That on Your Plate!, Director A. Sherman-Palladino 

Orange Is the New Black, Featured, Inmate, Season 6, Director A. McCarthy



Whitman’s Words, Principal, Poet, Director R. Duffy, The Roebuck Theater, 2016



Arcimoto, Featured, NYC Driver, Arcimoto Reg A+ Initial Public Offering, 2017



T. Schreiber, Commercial Acting, 2016

J. Howard Swain, On Camera Scene Study, 2016

The Peoples Improv Theater, Levels 1-3, 2016


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